Street Taco Kits Now Available at Costco

Costco Chicken Street Taco Kit (Pros & Cons + Tips)

Each kit is $5.59 a pound, so each one comes in around $16. That's about $1.33 a taco, which is not much more than a soft taco at Taco Bell (and this one will already be in your house, so). The next time you're loading up on your Costco favorites, you might want to take a stroll into the prepared foods section to find the chicken street-tacos kit.

Costco Chicken Street Tacos Kit Review

According to an Instagram post from a Costco aficionado, the Costco chicken street taco kit works particularly well on days when you don't want to devote too much to meal prepping and want a quick and easy fix. As per PopSugar, the kit is priced at somewhere between $15 and $16 and includes corn tortillas, cheese, lettuce, cilantro lime crema, lime wedges, and salsa.

Costco's Taco Kit with their new Taco Holders! r/Costco

Details Costco Item number 11545 Makes 12 tacos $4.99 USD per pound (most kits cost about $13.00) Located in the deli section Grilled Seasoned Chicken The kit comes with pre-cooked and pre-seasoned chicken. I was worried that there might not be enough chicken, but we ended up having extra.

Street Taco Kits Now Available at Costco

tacos Taco Tuesday just got even easier, thanks to Costco'sclassic chicken street taco kits. They take the cooking completely out of taco night.

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Yum! It's thick, too. A little goes a long way. Which is good, because there's only enough for an itty-bitty dollop on each taco. I loved the cilantro lime crema sauce, and I'd buy this meal kit again just for that. It's creamy, but thin (in a good way). It's got a nice fresh zing and brightness.

Street Taco Kits Available at Costco

A medium-sized bowl to make the slaw. A pair of tongs (for both the chicken and flipping the tortillas) A large spoon for mixing. Steps: Place the two skillets on burners on your stove, and turn both on medium heat. Place a tablespoon of oil in the skillet for the chicken, and let it heat up for a minute or two.

Street Taco Kits, 4 off each pack Costco

Sold as a meal kit, you get perfectly seasoned chicken, lime wedges, slaw, cheese, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and a stack of 12 tortillas. For $5.59 a pound. You just have to heat up the chicken and the tortillas, and it's time for assembly. My mom saw the new kits and thought she'd take a chance.

Saw the Chicken Taco Kit. It seems a bit pricey though. Is it worth it

The Costco Street Taco Kit is a reliable, easy to fix dinner solution that we enjoy quite a bit at our house. Keep reading and we will cover how to heat things up so they are extra tasty as well as raising awareness about the one big issue you might run into! Contents hide 1 Cooking Instructions 2 Costco Chicken Street Tacos 2.1 Ingredients

How to Cook Costco Street Tacos Kit with Chicken {Calories and Tips}

These kits typically weigh 2.5-3 pounds with an average price of $15-$16. Each kit has everything you need for Taco Night in one pack with enough ingredients to make 12 tacos including tortillas, seasoned pre-cooked grilled chicken, shredded cheese, vegetables, cilantro lime cream, salsa, and lime wedges.

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5 from 1 vote How do you cook Costco street tacos (AKA Kirkland street tacos)? Chicken street tacos from Costco are a convenient and easy dinner option from the Costco prepared foods section. Get the Costco taco kit cooking instructions, nutrition information, calories, price, and more in this Costco chicken street tacos review.

Costco Chicken Street Taco Kit (Pros & Cons + Tips)

If you're heading into Costco soon, stop by the prepared foods section and be on the lookout for these Chicken Street Taco Kits available for just $5.59 per pound! These kits typically to weigh 2.5-3 pounds with an average price of $15-$16. This fun kit has everything you need for Taco Night in one pack with enough ingredients to make 12.

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Updated January 24, 2019 Photo credit: Instagram @costcodeals From Delish Taco night makes getting through the day easier, but cooking and cleaning afterwards is a total drag. Costco took away.

Costco Street Tacos Review (Cooking Instructions, Calories, more!)

A 12-count Chicken Street Taco kit at Costco is between $15-$16. Considering you'll likely spend between $6-$7 on both the fresh salsa and lime crema sauce, you'll only have about $9 to $10 to.

Costco Chicken Street Taco Kit (Pros & Cons + Tips)

February 12, 2023 Taco Tuesday made easy! The chicken street tacos at Costco are an incredibly convenient all-in-one meal kit. Just heat up the chicken and tortillas and lay all the ingredients out like a taco bar, and everyone can customize their tacos exactly how they want them.

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The price of the Costco Kirkland Chicken Tacos varies depending on the weight - it's $11.99 per kilogram. My package is $15.94 Canadian. The tacos are pretty easy to eat and hold the chicken and toppings well. Convenience I bought this mainly for the convenience and for the fun factor!

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Costco sells their 12-count Chicken Street Taco Kit for $5.49 a pound. This taco kit can be found in the prepared meals section of Costco's deli area and will often be near other items, such as the beef bulgogi. Costco also sells beef barbacoa , carne asada, and pork carnitas, which are great proteins for taco meat.