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First, make a borax solution of 2 teaspoons Borax to 1/2 cup of water and set aside. In a large bowl fold in equal parts of glue and shaving cream. Add in 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to make your dough smoother as well as any coloring or sparkle you desire. Add in 1 tablespoon of the Borax solution and mix in completely.

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Here is a list of commonly used and popular slime ingredients: white glue; borax; shaving cream; contact solution; baking soda; food coloring; water; 21 of the Best Slime Recipes. From glitter slime and butter slime to fluffy slime and even crunchy slime, here are some cool slime recipes, all with different themes and types of slime that you.

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8 Cool Slime Recipes for Kids. Cornstarch Slime. (Ages 5-11) If you've ever wondered why it might be hard to get out of quicksand, it's because it can act like both a liquid and a solid. Cornstarch slime is a fun substance that does this too! When a substance like this has properties of both liquids and solids, they are called non-Newtonian.

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This list could honestly go on till forever! But these are the most popular few Slime recipes. My own favourite btw is Slime with contact lense solution. It's the easiest and the one that I use. Main Ingredients For Slime. Though different types of Slime have differen ingredients but the basic things that you almost always need are:

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Different Types of Slime. There are so many variations of slime and goop that you can make at home. Homemade slime can be made in loads of different ways, most with simple ingredients you may already have at home.. The types of slime you make will allow you to do different things - whether you want basic slime, sticky slime, stretchy slime or really thick gak slime.

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For Stretchy Slime — Hand lotion makes for a stretchier slime, while modeling clay makes for a less messy and tougher stretchy slime. For Sparkly Slime — A good-quality glitter glue is a fun way to add a bit of glamour to a traditional slime recipe - but skip the dollar store versions as they don't work nearly as well.

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Butter Slime is called "butter" because the texture is spreadable, much like butter itself. It has a creamy, soft, pillowy feel. The key is the addition of air dry clay (the clay we use is especially supple; not all brands create a good butter slime). It tends to be less sticky than other slimes. Words associated with Butter: playable.

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The Snow Fizz Slime texture is great for ASMR because it makes a sizzling fizzy sound, like bacon frying in a pan, or the carbonation bubbles popping in a freshly opened soda. This is also a very holdable slime, great for stretching, squeezing, and a different type of massaging sensation than other slime textures.

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Chocolate Stretchy Slime (pictured) - A slime that looks (and smells!) like gooey, melted chocolate. Wow! Christmas Tree Slime - Make this green glitter slime around the holidays. Diaper Slime (pictured) - A seriously fun and fluffy sensory experience for the kiddos. Eyeball Slime - Googly eyes make everything better.


Slime is harmful if consumed. Therefore, parents are encouraged to supervise children playing and making slime at all times. 2. Mix 1⁄2 cup (120 mL) of water and 1 cup (240 mL) of liquid craft glue separately. In another bowl, mix these ingredients until well combined. This will be the base of your slime. 3.

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microdough slime. Micro Doughs are one of Dope Slimes exclusive textures. Microdough is a super unique texture but has similar aspects to Icee and Floam textured slimes. Micro Doughs are packed with small foam beads that massage and tingle your hands while you play. Its a super unique and therapeutic feeling that not many textures can deliver!

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Common Types of Slime. Common types of slime include Avalanche Slime, Bead Bomb, Bingsu, Butter Slime, Clear Slime, Cloud, Cloud Creme, Cloud Dough, DIY Clay Slime, Floam Slime, Float Slime, Icee Slime. Avalanche Slime. Avalanche slime is a crowd-pleaser thanks to its captivating layering effect.This unique type of slime starts with clear slime at the base and a colored cloud-like mixture on top.

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9. Grinch Slime. This exciting Grinch slime recipe goes great with the book and move, making it a nice Christmas craft to do during the holidays. 10. Pumpkin Slime. Making pumpkin-spiced slime is a fun fall activity to do with the kids over a lazy weekend afternoon. See the recipe here.

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We've had so many requests for an in-depth video about all the different types of slime textures that we sell! I hope this video helps :)Shop our slimes at h.

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1. Basic Slime. Basic slime is probably the most popular type of slime. It's made with just three ingredients: water, glue, and Borax powder. Glue is the main component of basic slime, so it's important to use a good-quality glue. To make basic slime, you'll need: ½ cup water. ¼ cup white school glue.

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Cloud slime is a unique type of slime that has a fluffy, airy texture, similar to that of kinetic sand. It is a popular type of slime because of its unique texture and the sensory experience it provides. In this section, we will explore the different aspects of cloud slime, including its texture and how to make a popular variation, cloud creme.