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10. IBC. Another glorious root beer that comes in a glass bottle, IBC also makes a diet version as well as a cream soda. They use pure cane sugar for a low dose of sweetness that never overpowers.

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Pricing for the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Root Beer starts out at $4,300 MSRP for the leather and nato strap references and $5,550 for the two tone bracelet reference. I'd challenge anyone to go find another GMT that is as good as this one in two tone at that price point. It might take you awhile. Availability for the Black Bay GMT S&G is limited.

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To make matters even worse, this brand of root beer also has an unsatisfactory amount of carbonation, lending it a certain flatness that causes it to be even more yawn-inducing. 9. Bundaberg Root Beer. Facebook. Of all the root beer brands on this list, Bundaberg Root Beer is far and away the most unique of them all.

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Root Beer: Review: Hank's Root Beer . This is sooo goooood! It has a wonderfully full Body that is rich and creamy and a nice spicy Bite. The Head is almost perfect. Aftertaste is very pleasant. This has it all, everything you could possibly want in a root beer. Surf City Root Beer . Wonderful Body! Raw honey and spices complimenting solid.

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Our team sought out good options that didn't have cloying sweetness or an artificial kick. In the end, our team chose four brands as their favorites. Here's a sneak peek—but be sure to read on for complete reviews. Smoothest: Sprecher. Spiciest: Stewart's. Best for Root Beer Floats: Frostie. Fizziest: IBC.

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Sprecher Brewery Low-Cal Root Beer Soda Cans - 12. $32. Let me tell you some things about this root beer. It goes down like velvet but has the gentlest sparkle on the tongue. The sweetness (and.

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The root beer has 160 calories, which is quite a lot for health-conscious consumers, but the sweetness sets the Mug root beer apart. The beer has a long history that began in San Francisco in 1940 with its former name of "Belfast Root Beer." The good thing is that this root beer also offers a diet version with zero calories, and all the Mug.

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Top 5 Classic Root Beer Brands. A&W, Barq's, Mug, IBC, and Dad's are the most well-known root beer brands in the US, with a rich history of production and distribution. Each brand has its distinct taste that sets it apart from the others. A&W offers a sweet and creamy flavor, while Barq's root beer is known for its strong kick.

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Hello and welcome to the oldest, largest and frankly the best root beer reviewing site in the world! no discrimination here, I include birch beer, sarsaparilla, spruce beer, dandelion & burdock and the like as well. a new review currently publishes every other Monday. 1033 sodas reviewed so far!

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Sioux Root Beer is one of the brand's top sellers to date. It's one of the seven flavors, serving up 160 calories per bottle (43g of cards and another 43g of sugar, totaling 14%). So it's a heavy drink. This root beer is sweetened with pure cane sugar. It echoes smooth vanilla and high fizz.

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View the Root Beer Reviews. Seal of Approval Root Beers Drinkable Root Beers Not Good Root Beers Garbage Root Beers Search for a Root Beer Review. Root Beer Judging Categories. Body: The Body is the flavor of the root beer while it is in your mouth. The flavors used are very important. The Body is usually the main point of disagreement among.

The Rootbeer Brothers Root Beer Reviews & Commentary Bundaberg Root

Hank's Root Beer is a wonderfully consistent brew. It truly is a brew that almost defines perfection in the areas of attack and carbonation. A brew that tastes and looks like it belongs in the hands of royalty. Company: Hanks Beverage Company - Trevose, PA Phone: 800-289-4722 Website:

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Sioux City. Debuting in 1871 as the "the granddaddy of all root beers," this brand excels in historical value but falls short in flavor. It has rich body, but inconsistent flavor and.

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The best root beer is sweet, bright, fizzy, and tastes like some sort of root (or at least a chemical approximation of a root) was used in the making. It shouldn't taste like plain old soda. Root beer is sophisticated and all-American. Let it shine. Over the course of two separate taste tests, I've tried 30 different root beers in order to.

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Virgil's. Handcrafted, smooth, and aromatic, Virgil's root beer is crafted with a blend of herbs, spices, and botanicals to create a flavor that stands out from the rest. Its taste profile boasts notes of anise, licorice, and wintergreen, resulting in a complex and satisfying root beer experience.

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In Handy Father's quest to find the best root beer on the planet, we started doing root beer reviews early in 2013. We will continue until every root beer has been reviewed. A&W Root Beer Review. Abita Root Beer Review. Americana Root Beer Review. Anchor Ginger Root Beer Review. Barq's Root Beer Review.