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I'm building a DOD440 clone, the one by GGG, and I want to implement some mods. One of them is a three-way switch to select between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filtering. Does anyone have any advice as to where I should tap into the circuit? Perhaps C6 and C7? I'd really appreciate the help!

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the manual The DOD Envelope Filter 440 is a Band Pass Filter that can be swept across a portion of the audio range producing a wah wah like effect. About the colors: 1977: Red version, wires soldered to circuit board, components facing up. 1979: Green version, wires soldered to circuit board, components facing up.

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On its own, the DOD 440 pick-attack-activated slow filter sweeps give you a kind of funky auto wah effect, and it's a real beast when you couple it with overdrive. The Range control lets you dial in which frequencies the filter sweeps, so you can avoid muddiness or harshness.

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LED/LDR unit for DOD 440 clone. Moderators: geekmacdaddy, Non-Reverse, duhvoodooman, Stephen, Morgan, Matt, Big Dan. Page 1 of 1 [ 4 posts ] Previous topic | Next topic : Author Message; h8mtv Post subject: LED/LDR unit for DOD 440 clone. Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:33 pm .

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2.8k Members Posted June 16, 2005 Originally posted by jonny guitar I will say that the 2 knob FX25 goes way beyond subtle and light filtering. The real 440 does too. It's not really subtle. The schematics that are floating around the internet are wrong, so chances are most clones will be too unless they did their homework. elctmist

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Nov 27, 2001 Corsicana, Texas I had one, and it was great. Build was easy (but I have plenty of experience). I sold it, as it was too tame for what I wanted in an envelope filter.

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SEAL IN BOX DOD 440 Reissue Envelope Filter Guitar and Bass Effect Pedal. $99.95. Brand New. Add to Cart. DOD 440 Envelope Filter Reissue 2010s - Green. Sugar Land, TX, United States. Tone Factor Analogue Filter 442 (DOD 440 Clone) Blue. Used - Good. Price $100. Free Shipping. This piece of gear has sold. View similar gear from other.

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built a dod 440 copy tonight. good circuit, i like it. if you want one, you might consider picking up a kit for one at general guitar gadgets. i bought jsut the pcb from them since i have all the resistors and caps, but that vactrol for it is liek $6 ouch!

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Price Drop. $89. $89.99. $89.99. Price Drop. Get your funk on with this DOD 440 envelope filter clone from Tone Factor. Tone Factor has since changed name to "Mojo Hand" and the 442 was also sold under that name. This one is in perfect working condition. The smudges that you see on the unit are actually discolorations in the paint.

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Somebody asked in a different, more recent thread about when the CDXL Classic would be back in stock, and the admin said they had to abandon the project because the thing just never worked right with the reissue vacs (but it worked great with the originals).

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he uses the dod filter on a few songs from the studio (bends and okc era). the filter on the paranoid android studio version is a moog rack unit, but he uses the dod in the live set.. i have a clone of the 440 and have used the older ones and DOD fx versions. Solid EF honestly i can get it to sound exactly like my Emma (mutron clone) and.

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DOD 440 Low Bypass Clone r/diypedals

My demo of the DOD Envelope Filter 440! is seriously some funky stuff! Lots of people have been waiting for a reis.

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[b]Boomstick Bottom Feeder[/b] Boomstick Audio Devices Bottom Feeder filter is the bass version of the acclaimed Mojo Hand Analogue Filter 442. Based on the same circuitry as the original DOD 440, but with a wider frequency range for bass guitar. A lovely 'bubbly' sounding filter, great for dub

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I'm thinking about a BYOC DOD 440 clone.. Right now I'm leaning towards the BYOC 440 clone due to price and just having a project I also like the fixed-filter option. I don't need a lot of range since I'll just use it to make a howling dog or cat noise rather than getting funky. cool.

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Hi, I've just finished a build of Guitar Gadgets DOD 440 envelope follower clone. I've re-checked every polarity component, all the solder connections are in the right place, led's lighting up, I have a signal through, both clean and fx on!! With the pedal on, I have a lower(not much) and a little distorted sound.