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A normal toco reading in pregnancy refers to the measurement of contractions using a tocodynamometer, which is a device that monitors the intensity and duration of uterine contractions.. If the toco readings consistently exceed 50 mmHg during contractions, it may indicate hyperstimulation of the uterus, which can be concerning and may.

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Recent EHG studies have documented the technology's utility in the diagnosis of preterm labor, 11 - 13 and have compared EHG with Toco 10; 14; 15 and IUPC 14; 16 for term labor. The primary strength of the current study is the simultaneous comparison of all three technologies in the labor setting.

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What is the Braxton Hicks Toco Reading. This is where it gets tricky. As a nurse,. As I'm sure you could imagine that if your baseline is at 50 and the contractions are going up to 70 it's different than if the baseline is at 20 and the contractions are up to 70 (and she's skinny and the monitor is in just the right place)..


A toco monitor a used to measure and intensity, frequence, and duration of contractions. While combined with one fetal heart control, this information helps assess fetal well-being during labor. Read on on learn what is a TOCO, cardiotocography, area, and more. Has 25 year experience.

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Manual palpation has been the traditional method of monitoring uterine contractions in labor. This method can be used to identify contraction frequency and duration, but it can measure intensity only relatively. It is time-consuming, requires constant evaluation, and provides no permanent record. The effort can be tedious at best, and what.


The numbers don't mean anything. If you cough, sneeze, move, vomit, baby kicks etc the numbers will change. The midwife palpating your tummy will be able to estimate whether the contractions are mild, moderate or strong. The only real use for the toco is to see how often contractions are, and if a baby is having decelerations, what the timing.


It's sometimes spelled tok, tock or tococ. Latin word for "torture" or "cruelty.". It is used to refer to any form of physical or emotional abuse. It can also be used as a verb to mean "to inflict pain or suffering on someone" (e.g., tortocere). The word is also used in the sense of "the act of inflicting or causing physical.

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Anyone understand the toco reading machine? h. hello1110. Posted 14-01-09.. Braxton hicks contractions are not as strong as real labour ones and can go up to 50/60 (at a guess, everyone's different, this is just an example), but real labour ones can go right up to the top, and I remember when I was induced with my DD they were off the top of.

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During true labor, the intensity of a contraction is between 40-60 mmHg in the beginning of the active phase, which occurs when your cervix dilates from 6 to 10 centimeters, and your contractions become stronger, closer together and regular. Your TOCO number can reach 50-80 mmHg during the second stage of labor, which is when your cervix is.

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A toco monitor is used to measure the intensity, frequency, and duration of contractions. When combined with a fetal heart monitor, this information helps assess fetal well-being during labor. Read on to learn what is a TOCO, cardiotocography, range, and more. Specialties Ob/Gyn Knowledge. #Toco. #Tocodynamometer. Updated: Sep 18, 2023. Columnist.

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During labor, your contractions last around 30 to 70 seconds and usually come about 5 to 10 minutes apart. Contractions tighten the top of your uterus, applying pressure on your cervix; this causes your cervix to dilate and helps move your baby downward. 3. The Y-axis on the baby's chart displays BPM.

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Uterine contraction monitoring is most often ignored when discussing the benefits of fetal monitoring (Bakker 2007a; Freeman et al, 2012).Monitoring the uterine contraction (UC) and the fetal heart rate (FHR) enables the assessment of the relationship between the UC and the FHR (Bakker et al, 2007a).When using oxytocin in augmented or induced labours, intrapartum guidelines recommend that UCs.

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The blue indicator shows the marking of the fetal heart rate. These are beats per minute (bpm), which are measured in increments of 10 with markings every 30 beats. The red indicator on the bottom tracing shows the strength of a contraction, measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The higher the number, the stronger the contraction.

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Tracings of the normal fetal heart rate are between 120 and 160. The baseline will be stable with a ten-beat variability, for instance 120 to 130, or 134 to 144. Find the toco, or uterine contraction tracing, in the bottom half of the strip. The baseline when the woman's abdomen is relaxed will be from zero to 10.

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This is a short and simple video instructional on how to correctly apply tocomonitor transducers over the maternal abdomen, and how a fetal tracing is gener.

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These include ultrasound, fetal movement, direct fetal heart rate, Toco and intrauterine pressure, as well as maternal blood pressure, pulse rate, ECG, and Sp02. Extensive fetal parameters when key information is needed. For more complex cases, the Avalon FM50 fetal monitor offers external and internal fetal parameters. These include ultrasound.